Strangest Locks in the World

Locks and keys can be very amusing especially when you see vintage and strange ones. The good thing about the keys is that they vary in design as well as make and mechanism. They continuously change over the years. If you visit locksmiths in Houston or any locksmith in your area, they might show you different types of key and locks in their display. There are also different collectors all over the world who take time in looking and acquiring for unique keys in the world. This article discusses some of the strangest keys ever invented.

The Arvind Padlock

This padlock is also known as the puzzle lock. It is necessary for the owner or user to learn some tricks to open it. First, you must pull the bolt must be pulled out of the lock. It is then followed by rotating the keyway cover to the 9 o’clock position. After you set everything, you need to insert the key. If you want to access the back part of the lock, you need to unscrew the round bolt. Additionally, this type of key has an elevated keyway.

The Noke

It is a keyless lock, thus its name. They pronounce the name as no key. The only way to offer this is through the use of gadgets. You can use your tablet, computer or phone to unlock it. It is strange, right? It is operated using a Bluetooth signaling device. What makes this lock unique from the rest is because only Morse code can open it. A key here is useless, but the port at the bottom is useful.

The 1800’s Viennese Cover Lock

The Viennese cover lock is not just antique; it is also strange. This type of lock was crafted over 200 years ago and is one of the most complex forms of keys. It contains a few spring-loaded panels, one of them hides the keyway from the naked eye. You can make the keyway visible if you apply pressure at the bottom of the group. To open, you need to insert the key and make a full rotation then move a panel from the back part while pulling up the shackle at the same time.

The Lunatic Lock

This type of lock is considered to be very innovative. There is no keyway, but there is a large bolt resting in between the shackle’s tow arms. The only way to open it though is inverting the lock so the pin can move freely. You need to pull it out halfway then reverse it so to free its locks.

The New Gulshan Padlock

This key is one of the trickiest types of lock. There is a keyway, but when you insert the keys, nothing will happen. You can do whatever you want to open like pressing and rotating, but the lock will not open. If you are not familiar with it, what you can do is watch how it is. The only other way to unlock it is by pushing a small button on the lock. You need to use a little tool to open it since your hands will not work.

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